Our Mission:


Korean Americans for Civic Participation (KACP) is a coalition of Korean American organizations in the greater Philadelphia area that seeks to empower the Korean American community through education, leadership development and civic engagement.


Our Campaigns

In just a few years, we have already made a large impact on civic engagement in our community. We have set even higher goals for the 2019 elections to educate and empower Korean Americans in the greater Philadelphia area. We will conduct phone banking, door to door canvassing, hold voter education workshops, register voters, distribute in-language voters guides, and more. Let’s continue to make huge strides and lead us to a better tomorrow!


voter education workshops

KACP will hold How to Vote educational sessions to train members what they need to know before they vote.



new voter registrations

We will help new voters complete their registration forms so they can vote in the 2019 election!



voter guides distributed

KACP will translate and distribute a guide to inform voters about the candidates and issues for the election.


Our Community

Asian American & Pacific Islander communities are now the fastest growing immigrant population in the U.S.

●      By 2040, one in every ten Americans will be AAPI.

●      AAPIs are one of the fastest growing electorates with the number of voters doubling to almost 12 million by 2040.

●      Overall Asian American community civic participation in the greater Philadelphia area is increasing; between 2004 and 2012, the number of Asian Americans who voted in Pennsylvania increased 35%.


Get Involved

At Korean Americans for Civic Participation, there are various ways to get involved in our activities this year! If you would like to share your time and skills, we welcome your valuable participation. KACP is a non-profit organization and depends on your contributions to lead this critical effort.


Volunteer opportunities

Join us in advocating for the local Korean American community. Find out how you can make a difference!

Make a Donation

Support our work in growing knowledge and collective power in local civic engagement!